The city of Voisin-le-Bretonneux celebrated on the 24 August 2019 the 75th Anniversary of its Liberation by the troops of the French 2nd Armored Division. For the occasion, UNIVEM came with heavy vehicles: the three Half-Track, the Scout Car, the Ward-La-France M1A1, the GMC DUKW, GMC CCKW cargo and dumper, but also several Dodge and Jeeps and the field kitchen!

On the morning, heavy vehicles were displayed in front the city’s library, while Jeeps were driven through the city for several commemorations. At 11:30, a last commemoration was held at the war memorial. On the afternoon, rides were offered to spectators who were really delighted about it.

As a conclusion, this second day of following the path of the French 2nd Armored Division (after Rambouillet yesterday) was a new success!