Two events will remain exceptional for a long time as they brought together four operational Pacific M26, moreover with some other wonders, including Diamond T 980/981.  This was in 2011, the first event being at Beltring (War & Peace show) in England.  Exceptional indeed to see the UNIVEM Pacific M26 in an off-road demonstration with three other ones : one with its Fruehauf M15 trailer carrying a Sherman tank, another pulling a tank as if it were broken down, and a third one solo (see video in « club vehicles » / »Pacific »).

The second event took place at Celles, in Belgium, a few weeks later.  The same Pacific participated, this time for a nice trip on the small roads of the country side.  Two Diamond T 980/981 joined in.

Very impressive convoy indeed !  At a width of 10 feet 10 34 inches, their chain transmission and their enormous Hall Scott engine that engulfs 150 litres of gasoline for 100 km (1.9 mpg), the M26 was an exceptional tank recovery machine.  They were so powerful, so robust, that in many countries in Europe they were used to pull off-size loads, often with several units pushing and pulling and also often combined with Diamont T 980/981.