Retromobile 2015

Present as every year with our friends of the Museum of Armored Vehicles of Saumur, we exposed this year our half-track White M16 MGMC (Multiple Gun Motor Carriage), an anti-aircraft armored vehicle effective and appreciated that had a very long career well beyond the second World war. Designed and produced by White Motor Company in…

Monthléry Vintage Market (april 2015)

UNIVEM participated in this event located at the world famous and historical Monthlery speedway.  Built in 1924 by architect Raymond Jamin, under the impetus of the industrialist Alexandre Lamblin, it has been recognized “Heritage of the twentieth century.” The loop, measured on its central axis, develops 2550 meters (8366 feet). A thousand tons of steel,…

Paris Liberation, 1999 commemoration at the Jean Moulin museum in Montparnasse


An unusual sight : our vintage vehicles in the modern landscape of the Montparnasse railway station in Paris, with the magnificent garden covering the tracks below.

These buildings host the Jean Moulin museum, a historical figure of the French Resistance during WWII.

 (Sorry, pictures resolution is that of the time for digital cameras…)