The vehicle has been acquired as a wreck.  It has been the object of a large restoration in the early 2000s which climax was the first start up of the engine, in an unbelievable cloud of smoke at the beginning! An extensive work has been conducted on the cab where the floor was so degraded that it was almost like missing.

Then, the association was forced to move to our current location. Organizing this complex transfer disturbed many activities and put a temporary end to our efforts on this truck.  When we arrived at Satory, there was not even light nor electrical plugs in the garage and we had first to do it all by ourselves ! Then we had to make a choice: we salvaged the rare Brockway C666 with its Quick Way crane that was about to be scrapped, knowing that the Diamond T 981 was sheltered and could wait.

On this truck, the bulk of work is behind us. What is left to do is wiring, air brakes and some minor body work before painting.

In 2015, following a sleep of 14 years, engine start up shows difficult to accomplish : 2 diesel fuel injection channels in the injection pump have their piston jammed.  The vehicle currently awaits a sponsor. (Video of engine start up in 2015)

Beginning of 2017: a sponsor is found. The injection pump which had two pistons seized has been fixed. It awaits now its installation on the truck. A new battery has been purchased for the truck. The electrical diagram has been printed in very large format to make it more convenient to analyze. The diesel motor starting system is being renovated (coil, pointers, spark plug). A comprehensive inventory of all the parts is also being made given the very long period during which the restoration was halted. The water pump was leaking, it has been removed and opened : its bad shape will require an overhaul by a Professional.

Renovation of the rear body is underway.

The truck has been moved from one side of Hall 2 to the other. But the water pump being under repair, we had to pull it without room enough to manœuvrer with another truck. The funny thing is that we pulled it in Hall 2 with a GMC CCKW in Hall 1 through the small communication door !

Markings have been made in the front. They correspond to the 4th Armored Division, 126th Ordnance Regiment, Company C, Vehicle N°10.

Finally, we realize that after the cold winter, the engine has a small crack… (because water replaced engine coolant for test purpose, but was not purged after the test. Then water froze and you know the result…). Because we manage to find another Diamond T 981 (see it here), we sold this one to a private collector.