An auction.

A Brockway C666 (Crane truck, Brockway-Quick Way)

No bid on the vehicle.

This was not a surprise though : it had no collector value because it had been deeply modified.  The truck had a Berliet diesel motor which required to lengthen the hood, modern stabilizers, modern crane boom, no equipment winch in the crane (only hook and boom winches), the crane gasoline motor had been replaced by a diesel engine, a big counter-weight had been added beneath the crane, etc.

Knowing that, UNIVEM got interested in saving the crane motor and some body as well as some mechanical parts.  Facing a difficult challenge with our original gasoline crane motor, we decided to save the diesel motor and to install it for the time being.  This will buy us some time to collect money to repair the original motor.

When the motor was ready to be lifted, we had the surprise to discover that a GMC CCKW 353 fitted with an old Poclain crane would do the job !  Despite the age of these two equipments, they did the job neat and fast, even with a blown out tire !  Within a minute the motor was on the ground !

Our lunch break was a funny moment when we extracted from a junk pile next to the truck some unexpected garden chairs !

The wreck field was both a dream and a nightmare.  A dream because there were several vehicles from the 1920s and 1930s, a lot of cars and trucks from the 1950s and 1960s.  But a nightmare because the sight of all these treasures in such a desperate state was rather sad.

At the turn of a path : two Ward LaFrance M1A1 in rather good shape.  One was red because it worked as a heavy wrecker on the highways, the other one was fitted with a Berliet GAK cab.

A wreck of a German Army Borgward let us dream for a short while.  But it turned out that it was from 1957, not WWII…

For the restoration of our own Brockway C666 :

For the lifting of the motor with the GMC CCKW and the Poclain crane :

For the startup of this motor in our garage :