The 40’ trailer manufactured by Trailer Co. Of America was initially designed for US Air Force and intended to carry lightweight and cumbersome parts, like aircraft bodies or wings. Usually linked to the « wrecker » Federal 606, referenced C-2 which was equipped with a fifth wheel coupling and a stacker crane, this trailer was also used for the recovery of planes wreckage. The tractor manufactured by the Federal Motor Truck Company from Detroit, Michigan was also manufactured by Biederman and Corbitt.

The whole trailer C2 was supplied with its 6X6 tractor and two trailers, one 25’ and one 40’. A dolly tow was also provided.

By carrying Bertin Aérotrain which technology comes from aviation, Univem’s 40’ trailer somehow returns to its original function.

(photos d’époque : twinbeech.com)

Technical data

Total length : 599″ – 23,5m

Usable length : 480″ – 18,9m

Tare weight : 13.790lb – 6,26t

Payload : 25.000lb – 11,34t

Loading heigth : 48″ – 1,22m