With a total of 562 500 units produced, the GMC CCKW is the WWII emblematic light truck, released in numerous variants : cargo, gasoline tanker, water tanker, workshop, artillery tractor, compressor, tipper truck, amphibious truck etc….

This model is equipped with a compressor built by the Leroi company (implanted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin). This truck was used by the Engineer Corps in several tasks where a compressor was needed. Next to the compressor, several tools are to be found: jackhammer, chainsaw, circular saw,…


Technical data

Maunufacturer : GMC

Type : CCKW 353

Designation CCKW comes from GMC :

CCKW means:

C : designed in  1941

C : conventional cab

K : all wheel drive

W : dual rear axles

353 means long wheel base

6×6 truck

5 speed x 2 with transfer case

Year of manufacturing : 1943

Gasoline engine, 6 cylinders in line, valve-in-head type

Fuel consumption : 6 to 7 mpg (30 to 40 liters/100km)

Electrical equipment : 6 Volt

Empty weight : 12,500 lb (5,500 kg)

Payload : 5,500 lb (2,500 kg)