The Special Air Service (SAS), a special force of the British Army, had the task to carry out commandos missions in the Middle East.

SAS Jeeps had to transport quickly in the desert 4 soldiers with their weapons and had to come as close as possible to the target without being detected.

SAS Jeeps were sand coloured,  without windshied (to avoid reflection) and were heavily armed.

They were fitted with the desert kit for greater water cooling, a sand filter and  the  bars of the radiator grille were removed to improve radiator cooling.

Thanks to 17 jerrycans with each a capacity of 4.4 imp gal; 5.3 US gal,  the Jeep with its own fuel tank had a range of around 1,250 miles.

Technical data

Manufacturer : Willys Overland Corp USA

Length : 10.89 ft

Width : 5.15 ft

Height : 5.97 ft

Weight : 3,086 lb

Max speed : 65 mph

Maximum range on own fuel tank : 236 miles

Weapons : Vickers Twin machine-gun (303K) our Browning 12.7 mm or both.

Engine : side-valve Willys overland MB 4 cylinders in line developing 60 hp at 3,820 rpm