UNIVEM held an open day again during the 2018 European Heritage Day in September. During this sunny weekend, about 1,900 visitors came to (re)discover the vehicles which participated in the liberation of France during WW2.

A lot of activities were offered: guided tours of our workshop, diorama with a Follow Me Jeep, broadcast of WW2-era cartoons, model exhibition, presentation of the Bertin aerotrains, reassembling of the rear wheels on one of the M26 Pacific, and above all, tours in WW2 vehicles such as Jeep, Dodge, GMC CCKW and DUKW and Half-Tracks!

Visitors could also eat there thanks to a bar. A military field kitchen was placed next to it as a reminder of how it was before.

The presentation of our Sherman tank, which recently went out of restoration did a great impression on the public who was amazed by the level of detail in the inside, and by the cramped space devoted to crew members. A lucky few were even able to take a ride on this tank!

Many thanks to every member and to the organisation, and of course to the public who came in force and made this weekend a great success. See you next year!