The vehicule was pretty much worn out with problems in the gear box. It needed an overhaul. A complete renovation/restoration has been undertaken after an event in Bastogne in December 2009: engine, transmission, wheel hubs, braking system with its Hydrovac assistance, electricity… Almost everything has been taken apart, checked, renovated or replaced.

October 15, 2016: First run test: everything works fine. Only minor things are left to be done (see the video here).

In 2017, some work has still to be done! There were several leaks on the radiator, the inside was finished,… And then, the final coat of paint.

In 2018, a great disappointment occured: during the last run tests, the engine broke down…

A Scout Car engine was found (the two engine blocks are identical, the engine accessories of the first one will have to be mounted on the second one)

In 2019, the M8 is being reassembled.

Finally, it’s finished in August 2020, just before the Commemorations of the liberation of Versailles.