A new GMC for UNIVEM

A GMC CCKW 353 equipped with a Leroi was added to the collection of UNIVEM in september 2019. The vehicle has all its specialised tools. The gearbox has to be put in place again. A new coat of paint is needed to make the truck looking as new. To be continued!


Quick Way crane tool kit

An extraordinary find during our “Normandy” trip : a Quick Way crane tool kit, still in its original packaging.  Nothing is missing : pliers, screw-drivers, grease pump, cable-cutter, wrenches… A swift buying decision was hopefully made by our Treasurer !

Arriving of a Diamond T 981

In May 2018, a new vehicle arrived at UNIVEM. It’s a Diamond T 981 (or M20) which was a tractor used to tow the M9 tank transpoter trailer “Rogers”. UNIVEM indeed already had a M20, but the restoration of the engine could last long so UNIVEM could not miss the opportunity to get this new…

New paint job for the Scout Car

In september 2017, we decided to give the Scout Car a new paint job. The paint job took only 2 weeks, because the goal was to participate to the 70th Anniversary of General Leclerc’s death in Paris on 8th october. The vehicle was partially disassembled: back bumpers and steps, lights, door handles, mirrors,… We chose markings of…