On May the 8th (in France, the 8th of May is a holiday, as the 1945 Victory is celebrated) UNIVEM participated to the Centenary of the de “Union Nationale des Combattants”  (National Union of Servicemen) in Maule.

Several stands were displayed (UNC, Gendarmerie,…). Demos were held by the Gendarmerie (PDS for example) and flight in helicopter was to be found.

UNIVEM brought several vehicles such as the Half-Track M5, the Scout Car, Dodge Command Cars, the GMC tipper, the Jeep Navy and also several Jeeps of the members.

Vehicles went by road by their own means. A first convoy left Satory the day before, but the main convoy left on the morning. In the afternoon, tours in the vehicles were organised for the public in the surrounding countryside.

Great weather made this day a success, both for participants and visitors.