For the 2019 European Heritage Days, UNIVEM is still there and organised once again open days. A well prepared organisation contributed to present a qualitative show to the public. Inside, besides the association’s vehicles, a nice exhibition of radio material and Welbike and Cushman airborne scooters was also to be found. A Goliath (a German disposable demolition vehicle) replica on its trailer was exhibited. Again, aeortrains of the “Association Jean Bertin” were presented. Short movies about the French Second Armored Division and GMC truck assembly lines in Normandy in 1944 were broadcast. Outside, a catering area was offered, next to a WW2 era field kitchen.


On the land next to our building, a field workshop was reenacted with the GMC workshop and gasoline parked next to the Sherman tank. A lot of accessories were exhibited: trailers, generating set, jerricans, barrels, and even a spare Sherman radial engine in its original box.


Another big vehicle completed the exhibition: the M26 Pacific with the M15A1 trailer (which is its first outing for 15 years!). Together they are called M25 Tank Transporter, aka “Dragon Wagon”. What a huge set!  To see it in video, click here.


But, what is maybe the biggest success, are rides in the vehicles. Indeed, visitors enjoyed to ride in some the vehicles: Half-Track, GMC DUKW, GMC CCKW dump truck, and several Jeep but also our Sherman to see what could experience soldiers during WW2!


Once again, these Heritage days were a great success (even if some rain showed up on Sunday afternoon). Thanks to all for this wonderful weekend, see you next year!


Thanks to Pierre, the photographer, for some of his beautiful pictures that illustrate this article.