This trailer is more widely known in France under the name of “Fiche 75” than under its real name “semi-trailer, cargo, 7-ton (10-ton gross)”. This designation « Fiche 75 » arises from the French Army which used numerous items post WWII. The designation was also repeated in the civilian sector due to the use by circus using these trailers coming from military surpluses.

Numerous manufacturers built these trailers during WWII : Carter Mfg. Co. ; Edwards Iron Works ; Gramm Motor Truck & Trailer Corp. ; Hyde Corp. ; Kentucky Mfg. Corp. ; Lufkin Foundry & Machine Co. ; W. C. Nabors Co. ; Highway Trailer Co. ; Pointer Willamette Co., and Whitehead & Kales Co.

Technical data

Length : 3061/2

Payload : 14.000lb – 6,35t

Empty weight  : 10.600lb – 4,81t