This year, UNIVEM participated in the 2018 commemorations of the liberation of the city of Noyon.
About fifteen members went to the event with some Jeep, a Command-Car (coming by their own means by road) and two half-tracks, the M5 and the M16 (coming with a transporter).
About 300 participants came and were offered several activities through the weekend: tourist circuit, tour in the vehicles for the public, orchestra on the Saturday evening, commemoration and parade in the city-centre on Sunday morning.
About 100 vehicles were registered, and among them, the one from the RADAR association with the Moghrane Sherman, a GMC DUKW, a Weasel, a Half-Track and a Federal 93×43. Also worth mentioning was a Sherman Firefly and a M5 High Speed Tractor brought by David Raspilair, and another Sherman, a M4A1 / Grizzly brought by a private collector.
The weekend was a full success in the eyes of the participants, with, on top of that, a wonderful weather. One slight problem to mention: one of the Jeep broke down and was not able to directly come back to Satory on Sunday evening.