This year again, UNIVEM participated in the 2019 commemorations of the liberation of the city of Noyon taking place on the second weekend of september. The Half-Track M16 went by truck, while some members of the association came with their own Jeep by road from Satory on Friday afternoon. Several tents were installed to welcome a dozen participating members of the association.


On Saturday afternoon, two convoys were organised in the nearby villages. One of the stops was in Manicamp where stands a former part of the Mulberry artificial harbour built by Allied forces in Arromanches in June 1944. Indeed after the war, several parts of these artificial harbours were re-used as bridges to replace the damaged ones during the war.


Back to the camp, M5 light tank and M36 tank destroyer were doing a demo. About a hundred vehicles were on the camp, from the motorbike to the tank. The French association RADAR came with a lot of vehicles: DUKW, M8, GMC CCKW, Ward-La-France, Weasel, Half-Track and of course their famous Moghrane Sherman. Worth to mention, the presence this year of the association “France 40” with nice French vehicles from the begining of the war: Renault R35 tank, chenillette UE, Citroën Kégresse P17 or Latil M7. Also to mention, a very rare Half-Track M4A1 mortar carrier.


Some nice reenactement displays were to mention such as this field hospital.


Other activities on the camp: parachuting and concerts.


On Sunday morning, a ceremony was held at 10:00. After that, a big parade took place in the streets of the city.


Members of UNIVEM then left in the middle of the afternoon and came back to Satory without any issue after a wonderful weekend.