For Retromobile, UNIVEM brought this year its last vehicle restored: the Sherman tank!

It left Satory at 5:30 Tuesday morning on a truck and arrived an hour later at “Porte de Versailles”. An hour later, the tank was installed on the stand. This year, the stand was shared with the Saumur Tank Museum which brought a Panzer IV, which just came out of restoration. The Sherman made an impression on the public! Photos and questions were numerous. Some lucky ones could even visit the inside of the tank! Several item linked to the tank, as well as WW2 pictures, a model and a small video retracing the restoration of the Sherman completed the exhibition.

Also to mention, a M114, brought by the Saumur Tank Museum. This Vietnam era APC made some demonstrations outside. Finally, despite the 32 tons of our tank, it was not the heaviest vehicles of the show. The Marius Berliet Foundation brought the monstrous Berliet T100! This truck was used by oil companies in the Sahara at the end of the 1950s.

Congratulation to everyone for this huge success!


To see the arriving of the tank: