The Jardin d’Acclimatation, is a 49-acre children’s amusement park that opened in 1860.  Our presence last year was much appreciated and the Jardin requested our presence for the National Holliday of July 14.  It gave us the opportunity to see flying low over our heads the planes and chopers of the official parade that takes place every year on and over the Champs Elysées.

With 20 vehicles including 3 half-tracks (M3, M5, M16), a GMC DUKW, a GMC ST6, a Ford Canada F15 and all sorts of Jeeps, we offered a good variety.  The public was glad to get on board twice for the parades through the garden.

Of course we had a break down !  The fuel pump of our half-track M3 went dead.  We made it back to the garage though, with a gasoline jerrycan on the knees of the co-pilot and a hose going directly to the carburator…

See the short video :